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Simple Steps to Fix Your Lawn Mower Troubles

We’ve all been there – you’re heading out for a day of lawn work and your lawn mower won’t start.   The big question before you now, should you try to fix the lawn mower yourself or should you call the repair shop ?  Here are a few scenarios to help you figure out whether you should attempt the lawn mower repair on your own or bring it to an authorized repair person.

My Lawn Mower Won’t Start

If your lawn mower will not start, check the gas tank first .  Did you put the mower away for a long amount of time without emptying the gas tank?  If so, you probably have a tank full of bad gas.  Drain the tank and fill it with new gas.  Check to make sure you have enough gas in the tank to get the mower running and that it is the correct kind of gas .

The Lawn Mower Starts Slowly, but Stops and becomes Difficult to Start

This is a pretty good sign that the engine is not getting a sufficient amount of air.  Don’t worry, this is not going to require a costly lawn mower engine repair!  Start by checking the air filter; a clogged or dirty filter can be cleaned with a little hot water and dish detergent.  Just scrub the filter and replace it.

If that’s not the problem you may just have a broken spark plug.  The lawn mower engine will not start up if the spark plug is bad or dirty.  To fix it all you might have to do is pull out the spark plugs and clean them or maybe you will have to replace them with new ones.

My Lawn Mower Is Dead

Start by unplugging the spark plugs and turning the mower over.  It is critically important to make sure the mower is not able to start up while it is turned upside down .  Check various mower parts, including the blades.  You are looking for string, long grass, plastic or metal stuck between the blades, as any of these things will stop the blades from working and automatically demobilize the mower.

Look in the gas tank, at the spark plugs and at the air filter.  Make sure there is gas in the tank, the spark plugs are working and the air filter is clog free .

If the lawn mower is still not working, remove the lawn mower engine cover.  Look at how the gas flows into the engine by removing the pump cover and pushing on the rubber pump.  This will show you how gas is flowing into the engine and whether there are any problems with the hose.  You may just need to take a clean rag and wipe down the hose or use a small pin to clean out the injector hole.

The final place to check is the automatic shut-off connected to the accelerator, as it may have lost a spring.  Look for a metal line from the shut-off mechanism to the choke; you should see a small spring that attaches to the body of the lawn mower.  If it fell off, you will see two small holes where the spring used to be.  You can find a replacement spring at any hardware store.

These are all relatively easy repairs that you can make at home .  The rule of thumb about calling an authorized repair person is you have reached a point in the project where you no longer feel capable doing it on your own.  No matter when you reach this point, whether it comes after you checked the gas tank or after you take off the engine cover, it’s time to call a repair person.

Do not get in over your head in a repair project.  When you are unsure of how to proceed but go ahead anyway, you can make the problem worse; and this only results in a bigger repair bill!

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